If you’re reading this, you’ve probably received one of our shirts, stationary, or pens. The company has since dissolved and is no longer here. Now we make food and drink things! We’d love to hear from you and see our stuff’s still being used!

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HUBSU Inc. is a business consulting firm focused on assisting individuals or organizations towards realizing competitive solutions.


We Are Dedicated To Our Clients & Staff

With over thousands of dollars in savings Who here doesn't like money? , HUBSU Inc. is the right choice for you and your company! Simply put, we’re the most dedicated and trusted We Love Our Clients! business consulting firm in the valley.

Business Incubation

HUBSU Inc. helps start-ups establish a footing in the market and proactively segments them from any competitors. We handle all the paperwork for you, guide you every step of the way to develop your business, and even help you find the perfect staff members. Just think of us as part of the crew.

Business Audits

Every business could use a fresh pair of eyes! HUBSU Inc. will look over your day to day operations and see if there are any potential means to streamline work or find savings. We have a proven method and track record to either save money, talent or time. Remember At A Glance Reviews are free of charge!

Personal Consultation

Many people don’t realize it, but everything can be analyzed with “best” business practices. Having trouble getting that promotion, motivating your team/family, or planning out how to get a bigger house? We’ll treat you or your family the same way we treat our business clients.

Cox Communications – HUBSU Inc. helped pilot a new cloud software program catered towards local business owners in the valley using various sales techniques. This was done in specifically in Las Vegas during the peak of the recession in order to prove if we could develop a strategy that worked in a city that was devastated by the economic downturn, Cox could replicate the model nationally. Cox Communication is using the strategy we created together currently throughout their East Coast Division.
Starbucks Corporate – HUBSU Inc. facilitated a neighborhood workshop series for select corporate stores in order to strengthen the Starbucks brand of being a community focused coffee & tea establishment. Proceeds were donated to local charity organizations and Starbucks was able to increase their number of Gold Rewards Members because of the frequency and success of the events. HUBSU Inc. also hosted social events for the staff as part of an employee retention initiative that was low cost and effective according to anonymous employee feedback surveys.
Positively Inspired Community Outreach (PICO) – PICO is a local not-for-profit community outreach organization with a mission to provide inspirations through personal personal enrichment workshops, training, and counseling services for both minors and adults. HUBSU Inc. did the paperwork and guided PICO from start to finish to get their 501c3, get the keys for their current office, catered their social media to be effective, organized fundraiser events, established connections with local partners, and are continuing to work hand and hand with their group to reach more people.

Why Choose Us

  • We’re a full service organization. Even if we can’t do the job we work with people who can.
  • We’ll never leave anyone hanging. We always respond within 24 hours.
  • Proven Leadership Development method that were inspired by US Officer training programs and Stanford’s Business School leadership program.
  • Our financial analysts are preferred contractors for Caesars Entertainment properties.
  • HUBSU Inc. Social Marketplace Network – Expensive network of local business partners looking to help strengthen one another’s day to day operations, or to find like minded individuals for fun or think tanking.
Our Company Mission
Our mission is to help those around us to become better than they were before. We want to help people stand out from the crowd and last the test of time.
The HUBSU Philosophy
The HUBSU Promise
The HUBSU Culture

HUBSU Inc. is #1 in Customer Service in Las Vegas

With over thousands of dollars in savings Who here doesn't like money? , and themost dedicated and trusted We Love Our Clients! business consulting firm in the valley, why wouldn’t you want to work with us?

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Mr. Sempolkrung tends to think “outside the box”, a very rare quality that I strongly admire. He is capable of getting things done no matter the circumstance. Mr. Sempolkrung is an excellent leader, free thinker, and dedicated to his duty. He can co-ordinate with an entire group to achieve a common goal in the most efficient and productive way. A dedicated man who is motivated by success.
Peter Georgiev, Realty One Group
The ladies and gentleman at HUBSU Inc. work incredibly well under pressure. I called them about an event we were hosting the following day and had internal issues staffing the event. Less than an hour later I had a list of people to contact who were interested in helping out. The event was a great success!
Richard Fitzgerald, Wynn Las Vegas
I’ve been going to Krit for quite some time for all of my company’s computer issues. When I told him I wanted to bring my business to the internet, in a matter of days he helped me make my first website and found a way to digitally organize my receipts & files so then I don’t have spend hours looking for a particular client anymore.
John Venzano, Project Spotless Cleaners

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